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EGL fashion set for beginners.
Take the research and risk out of your first shopping experience.
Pink Box helps you to turn the stressful process into something fun and simple.




Lolita is a fashion style is a very well-known fashion culture in Japan. The term Lolita may have originated from Vladmir Nabakov’s 1955 novel Lolita, yet its origins and contemporary meaning are vastly different. Where the novel introduced Western Society to the sexualized child, the subculture stands as a response to the rigidity and homogeneity of modern Japanese society harsh gender norms.

This subculture originated in the fashion-forward Harajuku neighborhood in Tokyo, and its members usually wear clothing that is generally considered very cute, pretty, or frilly. There are actually several different types of Lolita fashion, including sweet Lolita (lots of pink, white and lace); punk Lolita (black skirts, graphic tees, and heavy makeup, much like punk band members' fashion); and Gothic Lolita (Reminiscent of Victorian Western fashion from the 19th century).

This kind of fashion is considered to be very feminine and sometimes childlike or youthful, and many of the girls and women who wear this kind of fashion consider it to be a form of empowerment and self-expression, partly because the distinctive 'girly' aesthetic sets them apart from Japan's conservative culture.

Misako Aoki  (born 3 June 1983) is a Japanese nurse, model, and   President of the Japan Lolita Association for lolita fashion.

Misako Aoki (born 3 June 1983) is a Japanese nurse, model, and
President of the Japan Lolita Association for lolita fashion.


Problem Statement

Lolita fashion as a modern lifestyle and an empowerment of femininity, expanding quickly nowadays outside of Japan especially in America.

But for young folks who want to be part of the culture, it's relatively hard getting started. Since it's not mainstream fashion, the information is scattered, there are so many types of brands, they are all different when it comes to quality, price, and the way to purchase them.

Popular styles are hard to purchase, sometimes the market gets filled with the cheap counterfeit alternative. When a person's first started, they will more than likely to waste some money, which is frustrating and unnecessary.


Our Solution

A box/set of Lolita fashion items designed for beginners. Including information regarding famous brand and the basic information about Lolita fashion.

There will be a website for people to purchase the kit, taking a personalized box quiz. And perhaps other applications.

Target Audience

Female (Or male or other  who identifies and/or presents a femme gender identity)

Love Japan cultures


Word List

Message / Powerful, Friendly, Encourage

Look and feel / Cute, Simple, Accessible

Promotional art by     Imai Kira   for a Lolita Fashion brand  Angelic Pretty

Promotional art by Imai Kira for a Lolita Fashion brand Angelic Pretty


Persona and Moodboards


Allison Walsh

19 years old
A small town near Chicago
College student


Makeup lover
Love instagram
Love cute things, sailor moons


Current American pop cultures
Black things

Lindy Wong

18 years old
Somewhere in Washington State
High school student


Anime lover, fanart, fanfic
Cool things
Her cat Linney


Explaining herself

Joe Miller

20 years old
Suburbs of San Francisco Bay Area


Stylish things
Looking for self-empowerment
Colorful things


Rude people
Bad weather


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WNM 635 Visual Design Strategy
Fall 2018, Jojo Zhou